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Chasers Cycle Sessions

Clapham Chasers has a strong cycling background and a team of experienced riders who run sessions suitable for everyone from novice to advanced cyclists. We also organise club events and cycling trips. Meet the Team!

If you would like to join our rides, whether you are new member or have not yet cycled with us, or would like more information about how to prepare, see our Getting Started page.

We are an inclusive club and welcoming to all newcomers irrespective of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, etc. All we ask is that you come along with a drop handlebar road bike, a helmet and a sense of adventure!

Our Rides

The main focus of the club is road cycling, and our club rides are oriented towards it. Cycling is a popular part of the club and we try to provide a range of rides to accommodate all levels of ability and fitness. We are a very friendly and inclusive club and our sessions (weekday and Sunday in particular) accommodate a wide range of abilities.

New members can join our weekday and Sunday rides straight away, so join the club and you will have access to all the details for these sessions as posted on our members facebook page each week. For the Saturday Group Ride you will need to join an Intro Ride first or provide evidence of prior experience.

What if you don't own a road bike or road cycling is not your thing? If there’s any other type of cycling you would like to try, why not start a group and grow a small community? We have groups of cyclo-cross riders, gravel riders, bike packers, track enthusiasts, crit racers... who have started their own following. If you would like to try to something new, from hybrid or mountain bike rides to penny-farthing, drop us a line and we can get you in touch with experienced members that can help you use the club resources to get your own group going.

Saturday Group Ride

Our principal long training ride takes place every Saturday morning.  Each ride has both short and long route options and various pace groups for all abilities. 

Sunday Social Ride

A more relaxed alternative to the Saturday ride, this is suitable for riders of all abilities. There is also a long and a short route and various pace groups.

Midweek Intervals

We run two interval sessions at Richmond Park when day light and weather permit, from Spring to October, on Tuesday evening and Thursday morning, and a hill reps session in College Rd, up to Crystal Palace.

Intro Rides

Once a month we welcome new members to join us for an intro ride, where we will demonstrate the techniques required to ride safely in a group.

Seasonal Rides

We run a number of fun, social rides to go with the seasons throughout the year.

Our Christmas elves always put on a good a good show but we also have Easter and Summer rides and whatever inspires the team.

Skills Sessions

From using your gears to replacing a tyre or an inner tube, from performing basic maintenance to advice on how to ride with clipless pedals, our skills sessions aim at arming you with the knowledge to be more confident and self sufficient on your rides.

BU2B is our most popular programme for novice cyclists. Start riding over the winter months to be ready for the annual club ride to Brighton.


Whether you are short of time, cursing the weather or simply like computer games, Chasers have a growing community of zwifters, up for a morning commute, a hard interval session or a racing season.


Check our calendar of selected events and join us for TTs, Cyclo Cross, Hill Climbs and whatever challenges you.


An alternative ride to add variety of skills and fun to the standard long rides.


The velodrome is an excellent place to improve your handling skill, perform interval training or provide you a gateway into racing.


The calendar is full of great events. We have selected a few popular ones amongst Chasers to make it more fun by having a group to ride with.

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