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Joe Spraggins   Honorary Chairman  
Andy Wyatt   Honorary Treasurer
Liz Milsom   Honorary Secretary
Rob Ellis   Membership

Ed Rees   Men's Running

Ellie Andrews   Ladies' Running
George Willis   Social Secretary
Ben Gates   Risk Management
Gavin Brandie   Communications and Publicity
Phil Ratliff   Head of Triathlon

Ann Brennan   Triathlon: Swimming

Jesús Pascual   Triathlon: Cycling 


Ellie Andrews  Ladies' Road Running
Michael Leong  Mens' Road Running
Lucy Hancock & Katie Lysons (Vice)  Ladies' Cross Country Running
Sam Robinson & Rory Smith (Vice)  Mens' Cross Country Running
John Warton & Christian Moxon  London Triathlon League


Committee meetings are held at least every other month if not more frequently. 

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held in November - click here for meeting minutes.

About the committee

Joe Spraggins - Honorary Chairman

Loves: Trails, Omelettes, Belgium beer, Parkrun, Porridge, Flat Caps

Hates: Swimming, Queuing, Being hungry 

Day Job: Financial Analyst

Seven years ago I turned up for my first session, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Now I suddenly find myself at the helm of one of the biggest (and best!) clubs in the country. Joining the Chasers has shown me it really doesn't matter how fast you are, or what your dreams and aspirations are, it's all about just getting stuck in and enjoying yourself. 

I've already made some friends for life at the club and continued to be amazed by some of the incredible things our members are doing. Don't think about getting involved; just dive in and do it!

Andy Wyatt - Honorary Treasurer

Loves: Cycling, snowboarding, mountains, maps, exploring, beer, snacks

Hates: Punctures, inconsiderate road users, litter

Day Job: Finance Business Partner

Having joined the Chasers in 2012 with a view to doing triathlon, it wasn’t long until I discovered I really didn’t like open water, wasn’t overly keen on swimming or running or early mornings and that cycling was great.  However, after three years of dedicated cycling, I finally managed two sprint and one middle distance triathlon over the course of one summer, where I had a proper panic attack at the start of swim. Once I realised no-one was coming to help, and that I could just about put my feet on the bottom of the lake, I got on with it, even enjoying the swim, and completed my first and last middle distance triathlon! At some stage the Chaser tri-suit, which still fits, will probably come out of retirement. Until then, I enjoy studying maps of Surrey and Kent, trying to figure out ways to make the same old roads somehow different, and every now and again finding a whole new road.  I actually quite like trail running, and swimming in perfect, big, largely empty 5ft deep swimming vestibules.

Through the Chasers I’ve met loads of new friends, been to loads of new places and had loads of great times and more than a few beers and snacks. When the opportunity to become treasurer came up, combining my love of numbers, spreadsheets & Chasers, I couldn’t believe my luck and jumped at the opportunity to give back to our club & community. I’m still working on the proposal for a snack budget.

Liz Milsom - Honorary Secretary

Loves: Running, cycling and lie-ins

Hates: Commuting - but now I run and cycle, I love it!

Day Job: Programme Manager

I joined the Clapham Chasers in 2011 after I moved and it became my local club. I had been a member of another running club and the difference was amazing! The Chasers are the most friendly, inclusive and supportive group of people you could hope to meet. I value that all abilities are welcome and have watched, in the five years that I’ve been a member, the club grow to an organisation that offers an amazing range of activities and events: both sporting and social! I recognise that most of this is done through people volunteering their time, enthusiasm and passion for running, cycling, swimming and triathlon.

Taking part and getting involved with any Chasers event is rewarding and enjoyable, and is an important part of my life and now I'm also proud to be able to give back some time via the Committee.

Ed Rees - Men's running

Loves: TBC

Day job: TBC


Ellie Andrews - Ladies' Running

I joined Clapham Chasers in 2014 immediately after moving to London, and it has been a major part of my life ever since. It is an incredibly friendly club that will make you feel welcome.

Be warned - you may start (like I did) with team 10k and vague plan of running a half marathon “at some point”. It’s a slippery slope from there - before long you’ll be signed up for everything from marathons to XC and wondering what non runners could possibly be doing with their weekends!

George Willis - Social Secretary

Loves: TBC

Day job: TBC

Ben Gates- Risk Management and Welfare

Loves: tbc

Day job: tbc

Gavin Brandie - Communications and Publicity