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Code of Conduct for Members


All members shall:

  • Abide by the Club Rules and the Code of Conduct and rules laid down by the sports' governing body, the British Triathlon Federation (BTF) and England Athletics (EA);
  • Encourage and commend fellow members;
  • Uphold the Clubs’ good name and reputation, both inside and outside of Club activities, and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner;
  • Only train within their abilities and levels of fitness, taking care to warm-up adequately prior to participation and cool-down when finished;
  • Ensure good time management, so as not to delay the start times of sessions they attend;
  • Report any medical conditions, injuries or incidents whether at training or during events to the session leader;
  • Report any grievances or complaints to an Officer of the Committee;
  • Not cause any damage and to keep clean and tidy all facilities used for the purposes of the Club;
  • To adhere to any rules of any facility used for the purposes of the Club;
  • Use club online forums and groups in a respectful way and to support other Members.


All members shall:

  • Observe and respect the pace and workout routines of other swimmers in their lane, avoiding actions that are likely to interfere with those routines, and maintaining good lane discipline;
  • Be aware of other pool users who may be in distress, or whose actions may cause risk to the member, and attract the attention of a Club coach or pool life guard in such circumstances;
  • Ensure adequate hydration during swim sessions by bringing a drinks bottle to the poolside;
  • Be aware that surfaces in the facilities are likely to be wet and slippery and therefore take care;
  • Only dive in those areas that are designated safe to dive in;
  • Wear a wetsuit and brightly coloured swim cap (if appropriate);
  • Adhere to all rules of the facilities.


All members shall:

  • Wear a correctly fitted and fastened cycling helmet;
  • Ensure that their bike is in good roadworthy condition;
  • Carry some cash, mobile phone, inner tubes and a mini-pump on all Club rides;
  • Carry some form of identification on all Club rides;
  • Ensure adequate hydration and nourishment on long rides;
  • Dress appropriately for the weather conditions;
  • Wear reflective clothing and carry bike lights during evening and night sessions;
  • Respect the rules of the public highways;
  • Slow down, give way or stop in the interests of courtesy, safety or obligation;
  • Avoid confrontation with other road users and pedestrians;
  • Act responsibly to promote the good image of cyclists.

On group rides, members shall:

  • Keep to the left wherever possible;
  • Ride two abreast where the conditions allow, and go single file on busy roads;
  • Maintain an orderly riding pattern at all times;
  • Learn and use the club calls to warn other riders in the group of pot-holes, glass, parked cars and other hazards which may require the following riders to alter course;
  • Pay attention to the route taken on group rides, so that they can retrace their steps should they drop out of the ride for any reason.


All members shall:

  • Adhere to the directions and group structure outlined by the session leader at the start of the run;
  • Wear reflective clothing during evening and night sessions;
  • Carry extra warm/dry clothing to put on following a session, when appropriate;
  • Respect the rules of the public highways.

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