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Nothing beats getting out with Chasers for a ride in Surrey, Kent or Richmond Park, but time constraints, or the UK weather, can mean that we need to fall back on the trusty turbo trainer.

Clapham Chasers has had active Zwift community from the early days and it became really important during COVID19. Since then a few habits have stuck, such as meeting in the morning for a virtual commute to work before sitting at your desk at home.

There is also the opportunity to join for a casual workout or getting involved in the racing calendar.

Find us on the facebook Clapham Chasers Zwift group and join the action.

Getting Started

There’s a thriving Chaser community on Zwift, and the Facebook Clapham Chasers Zwift group has lots of handy tips to get started.

Zwift Racing

All year round there are both Ladies and Mixed teams taking part in the Zwift Racing League on Tuesday evenings, more details of which can be found on the Facebook group.

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