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Novice Triathlon Programme 2023

If you are planning on becoming a triathlete, or are relatively new to triathlon and want help with a structured training plan, then this is for you!


The Novice Triathlon Programme is a 12 week training plan, designed and led by club coaches and triathletes. It's aimed at anyone from complete novices who maybe have a little experience in one or two disciplines of triathlon - or even some who have no prior experience in any - through to people who may have completed a handful of triathlon races recreationally, but are looking for a more structured training plan to follow. 

The programme will combine a mix of:

- Weekly club swimming, cycling and running sessions

- Independant training sessions set by the programme leaders

- Bespoke training sessions set and led by programme leaders, aimed at teaching specific skills and information for Triathlon (such as route bike recces, and learning to run efficiently after cycling)


Each year the 12 week training plan leads up to preparing you for a specific race, to give you the opportunity to put your skills into practise! The Thames Turbo Sprint Triathlon Race 1 is a very popular race run by a local club, and is recognised by British Triathlon as being one of the best events in the country. The swim is in the heated Hampton Lido, followed by a bike course along a fairly flat stretch of the Lower Sunbury Road, and finishing up with a run and finish set in Bushy Park. It is a very beginner friendly race, and offers a great early season benchmark. It usually sells out so sign up now!

Of course, you are not obligated to do this race! Many who have participated in the programme in the past have already had a specific target race in mind, and it's easy to use and adapt the programme if you have a target race at a similar time.


30th Jan - Intro social and Q&A session (8:30pm, TBC)

6th Feb - 1st week of training plan begins

1st May - Thames Turbo Sprint Triathlon (and celebratory social, details to follow)


1. Sign up to the event;

2. Join the Facebook group;

3. Enter the race!


The Programme is run at the wonderful cost of FREE for Clapham Chasers club members. If you are not already a member, the basic level of membership is £23 per calendar year. Even if you do nothing else with the club that is pretty good value!

Note that where facilities and specialist coaches have to be hired for sessions (mostly swimming for lane/coach hire) there may be a payable fee per session - our coached swimming sessions are currently £6.50 per session.


Intro Social/Q&A Evening

This will be taking place at The County Arms, SW18 3SH, on 30th January. We'll be kicking things off at 8:30pm, so please start arriving from 8:15 to grab drinks and make yourselves comfortable.

We will be giving a more in depth explanation of how the programme works, and will leave time for a Q&A at the end so we can answer any questions you might have.

It would be helpful if you could register on the event and join the facebook group beforehand, but we will also take a note of your names and email addresses on the night for anyone that hasn't already signed up. If for whatever reason you can't make it on the night and haven't already told us, don't panic - just drop us an email/Facebook message and we'll make a note of that.

What can I buy to prepare in advance?

At a minimum, all we ask is that you have enough to race a triathlon - whether you buy or borrow is up to you!

Swimming - goggles and a swimsuit.

Cycling - functional bike and a helmet.

Running - running shoes.

What can I do to prepare in advance?

There is no minimum standard to join the programme, so don't panic! It will help if you can swim 100m continuous front crawl but it is not a necessity. If you're a more confident swimmer, knowing your 400m front crawl time will be helpful when it comes to placing you in an appropriate lane for swimming sessions.

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