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Club communications

Urgent notices are posted on the website homepage & Facebook

See the "Key Notices" section of the homepage and the (members-only) Chasers Facebook group for last minute cancellations of sessions and other time-sensitive notices.

Other updates are announced via email

The introduction of new sessions, programmes and calls for participation (in events and races) are communicated via email. All emails will be sent to the email address you provided when you registered. Add to your contacts to ensure you receive these emails and/or keep and eye on your 'promotions' or 'junk' email folders.

Discussion via Facebook: 

Join the members-only Chasers Facebook group to keep up to date and participate in the conversation. You must be a paid member to join the group and there are some House Rules, which you can find in the "about" section of the Facebook group. 

The notes below should help you get the most out of the group:


Changing when (if ever) you get notified about posts in the group:

You can manage if/when you are notified about people posting in the group by clicking “Notifications” (which you’ll find in the banner). You can choose to be notified when your Facebook friends post in the group, when anyone posts, when there are “top posts” (your Facebook friends and also posts that receive a lot of likes/comments) or not be notified at all.

Find the group easily each time you use Facebook:

Add the group to your ‘favourites’ on Facebook so it’s easily accessible. When you’re on the Facebook group on a computer, click the top right icon (in the banner) and select ‘add to favourites”. When you use Facebook on a computer, you will now have a link to the group in the left-hand menu on the your Facebook homepage. On an iPhone app click “more” in the bottom right menu. On the Android Facebook app click the top right menu item and you’ll see a link to the group.


Searching for something specific:

The feed is pretty active so it can be tricky to find past posts. There’s a simple search bar on the right hand side of the page, under the banner. Try searching for “marathon” and it will show you all posts  that mention “marathon”.

Drawing everyone’s attention to a post that has been pushed down the feed:

Rather than create a new post (and have to repeat yourself), it’s perhaps best to find your existing post and simply comment “up”. By commenting on the post, it will automatically appear at the top of the feed again. Please do this with discretion and only when it is genuinely for the benefit of other members. Only administrators of the group can “pin” a post.

Referencing a previous discussion:

If someone asks a question that’s been discussed before, you can comment with a link to the previous Facebook post. Just find the previous Facebook post in the feed. Click on the date of this Facebook post. This will open the post as a new tab on your browser. Copy this unique URL.Now you can share the URL of the old Facebook post.


Discussing a particular race:

Facebook events are a great way of identifying who’s going to a particular race and also for arranging transport to/from and other plans around it. First, check out if someone has set up the event already by scanning through the events section of the group. If not, feel free to set it up as an event yourself.  

Sharing photos:

If you just have one of two pictures from an event / session that you want to share with other members, just upload directly to the feed. For a batch of photos, we’d recommend uploading as an album with a clear title as this makes it easy for people to find in the future (via the “photos” tab on the Facebook group). Alternatively, some members choose to share a link to photos that you’ve uploaded elsewhere (Flickr etc).

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