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Midweek Intervals

These sessions are a cycling equivalent to the track/intervals sessions that operate for the runners in the club. The sessions will include a mix of intervals, hill repeats, short time-trials and brick sessions, designed to improve your endurance, power and speed on the bike. The sessions are open to all abilities. As with all our rides, please remember to check our essentials list to ensure you bring all you need.

Leaders will provide different goals for each session to maintain training variety and interest. This is interval work, so you should be ready to work hard within your ability.

Sessions in Richmond Park take place every Tuesday at 7PM & Thursday at 6:45AM between 15 April - 2 September, weather and daylight permitting. These sessions will only run during the spring/summer months. This is so that there is enough natural light for the session to go ahead. 

The meeting point for the session is the car park near Roehampton Gate Cafe and last for around an hour.

In April/May and late August/September is is advisable to have lights on your bike for the journey home for the evening sessions.

If you commute into town you can also enjoy a mid-week fix with our laps around Regent's Park before heading for the office.

Meet at Gandalf's Gate at 6:45am on Wednesdays.

Session Structure

  • The session leader will welcome members and deliver a briefing explaining the session goals.
  • A short warm up, usually a short lap, will get the session under way.
  • The main set will require that you perform your individual efforts or ride with your pace group, depending on the session goals.
  • After the main session, the group meets again at the meeting point or at the point specified by the leader.

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