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Meet the Team

As you probably well know by now, Clapham Chasers is a club run entirely by volunteers. Every training session, every ride, every trip, every fun and social event have some members behind giving back some time to the club.

Check below the legends that are currently giving their time so that we can all enjoy cycling and having fun. Thanks also to the volunteers that help them organise amazing stuff.

Also, consider volunteering when you feel you are in a position to give something back to the club. We always welcome people to help with:

        • Leading regular rides
        • Leading groups in the Build Up to Brighton programme
        • Running basic maintenance sessions
        • Organising events (sporting or social)
        • Posting activity on social media
        • General admin
        • Suggesting new ideas...

Just talk to one of us in any of our sessions or drop us an email on We'll surely find something you will be excited about.

Jesús Pascual

Head of Cycling

Emily Pearson

Build Up to Brighton and Sunday Social Rides

Ben Gates

Intros and Tuesday Intervals

George Willis

Thursday Intervals


Social rides, trips

Adam Gristock

Social rides, trips

Siân Rilstone

Social rides, trips

Abbie Lloyd

Diversity and inclusion

Ryan Carus

Zwift Racing and New Kit

Dan Powell

Zwift Racing

Helen Frisby

Zwift Racing and generally being awesome

Ian Corrie

Social Media and New Kit

Henry Stewart

New Kit and CX

Contact us

General enquiries:

Find the right email from our contact list

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