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#runandtalk Mental Health Champions

Clapham Chasers are proud to be part of the England Athletics #runandtalk initiative. We have 8 Mental Health Champions in the club who all have some experience or understanding of mental health difficulties and are keen to encourage people to use running as a way of managing and improving their mental health, as well as talking about it to break down any stigma attached to mental health.

Clapham Chasers hosts regular #runandtalk runs, which are free events open to everyone of all abilities (members and non-members), to give people the opportunity to come and run or walk and talk to people.  

We also encourage you to get in touch with any of the Clapham Chasers Mental Health Champions if you need to talk – you can contact us at  We will do our best to listen, talk, support, and - if needed - signpost.  However, please be advised that we are not trained professionals and are unable to provide emergency/crisis support so if you have any serious concerns please contact the Samaritans (, your GP, or in more urgent cases, phone 999.

We look forward to running and chatting with you!

The Mental Health Champions

Elysse, Andrew, Scott, Karina, Claire, Tom, Gideon, and Jessie

Elysse Adjemon

Hi all! I'm Elysse, a visual artist and trainee triathlete.

I joined Clapham Chasers in August 2018, and I can honestly say that I've enjoyed my time so far, especially the support I've received from all the members.

You can usually find me at Monday social run. I haven't always consistently exercised and kept fit but I decided to start because I heard that the mental health benefits of exercise are really good - I have since realised that this is an understatement!  So now I'm really keen to help others to experience this too. If you see me around, please don’t hesitate to reach out and say hello! 

Andrew Archer

Hello! My name is Andrew, I joined the chasers in October 2017. 

I run and cycle but am mainly found at the Monday social run and at track on Tuesdays. I am on the Clapham Common parkrun committee. 

I joined the run and talk group to try and help people as I believe running is one of the best ways to destress. 

Scott Bemment

Hello, I'm Scott and I've been a Chaser for 2 years!

I joined Chasers to improve my running and also get involved socially, something I was very apprehensive of at first! I can occasionally be found at Monday social and Thursday tempo. I have joined run and talk to listen, talk and inspire others to the benefits of what running can do to cope with everyday stress!

Karina Box

Hello! My name is Karina and I've been an avid Chaser for the last year. I'm predominantly a runner, however I'm not opposed to some fair weather cycling.

The main sessions you can find me at are Tuesday track, the Sunday long run and the odd tempo. I love a Saturday morning parkrun, with my local being Burgess Park. Running has helped with my own mental health, and I’ve also seen the positive impact on people close to me. I decided to join Clapham Chasers as a way of meeting new like-minded people, and also to add a social element to running.

Claire Curtin

Hi, I’m Claire and I joined Chasers in 2017 to help improve my running by pushing through those harder sessions with the encouragement of others (where I would have just given up on my own - those long runs in the snow last winter as a case in point!).

I usually try and attend either Tuesday Track or Thursday Tempo sessions and the long Sunday runs, and regularly attend one of the local parkruns (Tooting, Fulham Palace, Burgess Park) with my family where my husband and I argue about whose turn it is to push our son in the running buggy!

I recently became a Mental Health First Aider at work so was keen to utilise this also through my passion for running - the #runandtalk initiative is a great way to make running as inclusive as possible for everyone, so I’m excited to be a part of it.

Tom Eldridge

Hi there, my name is Tom and I've been a member of Clapham Chasers for a year and half.

In that time I’ve done things I’ve never thought I was capable of - I even managed to complete a triathlon. Whether it’s running, cycling or going for a swim in the local lido, just being outdoors, moving about, and chatting with other people has been really worth it.

Gideon Shawyer

I joined chasers after my father died because a friend and chasers told me I wasn't as fit as I used to be. I stay because I eat too much to not exercise and I enjoy the social aspects. It's definitely helped me get through family and work issues. I normally do the social run and long run and sometimes hills and tempo. I normally do Clapham Common or Bishops Park parkrun.

Jessie Torr

My name is Jessie and I have been a Chaser since 2017. I joined the Chasers to get to know more people who enjoy social sport just for the fun of it! (although there are plenty of people who could give Usain Bolt a run for his money if that is what you are after!) and to try out triathlon which I love! I tend to dip in and out of sessions but you can usually find me at the mixed ability swim session on a Wednesday evening and on the Sunday cycle. I started running when I suffered from depression and now suffer from anxiety, but find that doing some sport and being with an awesome group of people really helps!

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