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Sportives and audaxes are some of the favourite events in the cycling annual calendar. Although the event selection is a very personal choice, we have selected a few that are hugely popular with the chaser community, as it would be added fun to put a group together to ride the event with.

Whether you are competitive and chasing a podium finish - as our own Ian Corrie did in the Tour of Wessex last year - or simply want to enjoy a day out on your bike or a short holiday, sportives provide organisation and support to make the event a safe and enjoyable experience.

Some offer closed roads, such as Ride London 100. Most offer timed results, finisher medals, en-route feed stations... Everything so that you only have to worry about pushing your pedals.

 Tour of Flanders 1 Apr
 Tour of Wessex 27-29 May
 Ride London 100 28 May
 Dartmoor Classic 1-2 July
 Legs of Steel 25 Sep (TBC)
 Falling Leaves 1st Sun Oct (TBC)

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