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We are putting together a calendar of events to provide members with a range of options that will help them put together a training and racing calendar for their season.

We have selected four disciplines to provide variety: TTs, Hill Climbs, CycloCross and Criterium.


Clapham Chasers is a member of Cycling Time Trials. all members can register for events under the club's name. Here's a selection of events that has been put together to offer options for people trying to hone their skills on the TT bike ahead of a triathlon or simply for the buzz of speed.

If none of these suits you, you can see the full CTT calendar here: CTT Events Calendar.

Hill Climbs

We are looking at the calendar for suitable events. The calendar has not been completed yet, so some races do still not appear.

The plan is simple: ride to the race, climb the hill, go back home. It can be a great day out.


Although we have not an official season, club legends Henry and Jen have been doing cyclocross for a few years. Depending on interest we could put together a group to organise races or you can just ask Henry and Jen for advice.

Crit Racing

Linked to interest in track cycling, we can put together a calendar where there is interest enough.

Ian Corrie, amongst others, has been doing crit races for a while and could be a good point of contact if you are interested in getting into racing.

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