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Weekly Sessions

All sessions have a range of pace groups so that you can find your people.  Scroll down for overviews of each session and check out the training section for the schedules and how to get the most out of your sessions.

Time What is it?
Who/What is it for?
Where is it?


Long Run A morning run between 1.5 - 2.5 hours, built around the spring and autumn marathon seasons Various



Club Social Run

 A relaxed run in a social environment, covering 6km or 8km within an hour

Trinity Fields




Shorter high intensity intervals to improve speed

Battersea Park

Millennium Arena

Tuesday (alternate weeks)
7:15pm Hills Improving power, endurance and form


Starting at Trinity Fields




Building stamina and speed endurance

Battersea Park

If you'd like to try out a session before you commit to joining then please come along early (7pm) to either the Monday Social Run or Thursday Tempo sessions.  You'll be given an overview of the club, get your questions answered and then join the main session in whichever pace group you choose.

Session Etiquette

All of the sessions will benefit runners of all abilities no matter what races they are training for but the sessions will be planned / designed (usually in 3-month blocks) depending on what races / distances people are training for at that specific time of year, i.e., the sessions will be race / distance specific.

Arrive warmed up to be able to get the most out of the session and avoid the risk of injury.  The more effort you expect to expend in each session, the more dynamic and thorough your warm up would idealy be.

While taking part in a session, please observe the Highway Code and use common sense at traffic lights and road crossings.  Please stick to the left wherever possible, and give plenty of space to other pedestrians and cyclists.

Sessions aren't on on bank holidays or over the Christmas break, and if there are any changes or unplanned session cancellations these will be posted on our members' Facebook page.

Sunday Long Run

In the lead up to the spring and autumn marathons, the club hosts a long run on Sundays.  These are open to all members, with a marathon in their plan or not, and will include routes along the Thames path, Richmond Park, and Hyde Park.  With a range of distance and pace groups, and associated chat groups, there is a good chance you will find the right running gang for you.

Monday Social Run

The Monday Social Run is a sociable group run covering around either 8km or 6km, and taking no more than about an hour.  The aim is to chat and be social, and this is a great session if you are new to the club.  Come along at 7pm if it's your first time and join the first-timers briefing.

We meet at the Clubhouse at Trinity Fields (on the corner of Burntwood Lane and Beechcroft Road, see map here) for a 7:10pm start.   There are toilets and changing space, and everything is locked when we set off so you can leave bikes and belongings there while running (although please note there are sometimes other organisations using the Clubhouse and Clapham Chasers can't accept responsibility for anything left there).

We split into a number of different pace groups:

Group Pace (min/mile) Pace (min/km)
Distance (km)
 1  7:00 - 7:30
4:20 - 4:40
 8 - 9
 2  8:00
 5:00  8 - 9
 3  8:30  5:15  8 - 9
 4  8:45 - 9:00
 5:25 - 5:35
 8 - 9
 5  9:15 - 9:45
 5:45 - 6:00
 8 - 9
 6  9:45+  6:00+  8 - 9
 7  9:45+  6:00+  6

Groups 6 and 7 stop to regroup (and have a breather) along the route.  They also both have a tail runner to make sure no-one ever gets left behind.

There are currently three different route options (with a long and short version of each), and we run them on rotation:

 Commons Route  Tooting Route  Windmill Route

6.2km route

8.6km route

Tuesday Track

Track is all about improving your speed, and we meet each week inside the Millennium Arena at Battersea Park by the 200m line at 7:20pm.  Each week there are standard and advanced options so you can tailor the session to what you need, examples include:

  • Yasso: 10 x 800, off 90 secs static recovery
  • Pyramid: 1200/1600/2000/1600/1200, with 70secs recovery
  • Sharpners: 14 x 400m off 70s

The session leader will gather you together and brief you on the session before dividing you into pace groups.  Remember: 

  • Run in an anti-clockwise direction
  • Use the inside lane for reps, unless you are overtaking
  • If you are overtaking, try to do so as safely and quickly as possible, before moving back into the inside lane
  • Once you have finished your rep, either move on to the infield, or one of the outer lanes (if safe to do so), as quickly as possible
  • Above all, please be aware and respectful of other track users

Tuesday Hills

This session on alternate Tuesdays involves running efforts up and down local hills and is suitable for all abilities.  Hill sessions are a great way to improve running economy, leg strength and VO2 max.  While south west London is far from Alpine, we've found a few good routes to run these sessions on.

The sessions start at 19:15.  We meet at the Trinity Fields Clubhouse (corner of Burntwood Lane and Beechcroft Road - see map here) then jog together to the start of the hill.  There are toilets and storage space in the Clubhouse, and while everything is securely locked when we set off, possessions are left in the clubhouse at your own risk.

We always have a session leader, so there is always someone on hand to answer any questions you may have.  There is also a session briefing before we set off, confirming which route we are doing and want you should be aiming to do at each session.

For those of you with a competitive instinct, there are some Strava segments on the hills we use with a weekly leader board of fastest times on each hill segment. Unfortunately, these are always uphill rather downhill segments :)

Details of each session will be posted on the Facebook page in the days leading up to the session, and the core routes are listed below.

Route Session
Northcote Switchbacks 10 hill reps, continuous efforts running hard up each hill with jog recoveries down. Warm up and down, 1 mile from the clubhouse
Magdalen Road  8 x approx 0.25 miles up Magdalen Road, jog recovery. Group w/u and w/d to and from the clubhouse (around 1 mile)

Northcote Hill Sprints

(Cobham Close)

 Uphill sprint efforts, with slow jog recoveries, session lasts 30 mins so generally between 9-12 efforts depending on fitness.

1 mile warm up and warm down

Home Park Road

 3 x 3 steep 45 second sprints, 2.5 warm up and warm down to and from the clubhouse

(Longest session when including w/u and w/d)

The Tonsleys

(Birdhirst Road - Wandsworth town)

 Hard efforts up 4 different hills totalling 7 efforts, keeping the pace hard between the top of each hill and beginning to go downhill for the recovery Group w/u and w/d to and from the clubhouse (around 1.5 miles)

Thursday Tempo

Tempo is all about improving your endurance, helping you run further and faster before you start to fatigue from a build up of lactate in your legs. 

The sessions will benefit runners of all abilities no matter what races they are training for but the sessions will be planned / designed (usually in 3-month blocks) depending on what races / distances people are training for at that specific time of year, i.e., the sessions will be race / distance specific.  The variety this brings helps you to train different aspects of racing like consistent pacing and picking up speed on tired legs, as well as keeping things interesting.

There are several types of sessions that we use in our Tempo runs, examples include:

  • Tempo intervals, i.e., 3x 10 minutes off a 2-minute float recovery or 3x 1 Medium / Large lap off a 90-second float recovery;
  • Tempo fartleks, i.e., change of pace during a session so you run sections at Tempo pace or slightly slower or faster than Tempo pace during a session;
  • Tempo pyramids, i.e., 4 mins, 8 mins, 12 mins off a 2-minute float recovery between each rep;
  • Continuous Tempo runs, i.e., 20 minutes continuous

Groups and Pacing - Runners will be split into one of 5 main pace groups before the sessions (and possibly split into sub-groups as per the table below depending on numbers attending and Tempo pace which the session leader(s) will take care of) to ensure that everybody runs with those of similar abilities. 

Note that Tempo Pace is slightly slower than your 10k pace

Tempo Pace Calculator - To calculate your Tempo Pace, based on what you think you could currently complete a 10k in (based on current fitness levels), use the Tempo Pace Calculator here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-1mtdoEOvnByxUgTsglYWUknmi5OjS4J/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=100502460735692744402&rtpof=true&sd=true