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Saturday Group Ride

The Saturday group ride is the principal long training ride for club members. We will usually have 4 pace groups (depending on numbers) and the route will usually be between 80-105Km. Details will be posted on the forum each week.

Group Sizes

In order to ensure that our club rides stay as safe as possible on the roads, we do our best to avoid having more than 8 riders per group. 

Pace Groups

Our pace groups are determined by an average rolling pace for the ride. These times will vary depending on factors such as headwind, elevation and number of riders in the group, but are a helpful reference point in deciding which group to join:

  1. 28 km/h and above 
  2. 26-28 km/h  
  3. 24-26 km/h
  4. 22-24 km/h 
If you are unsure about which pace group to join have a chat with one of our members or join an intro ride where an experienced leader will be able to advise. Be prepared to leave the group if the pace isn't right for you.

We will aim to run groups 1-4 every week. All of the groups will normally ride the same route, so that you may have the opportunity to drop back to the group behind if you are finding the group you are in too fast. If you are unable to keep up with the slowest group, you you may be asked to get a train home from the nearest station. 

If you are new to long distance cycling or to cycling in a group, you may wish to attend one of our Introductory Club Rides first.

Coffee and Cake?

There isn't a planned coffee and cake stop mid-ride but there will be the opportunity to stop at the end of the ride. This is to allow those people who are tight for time to continue home, whilst those who wish to can enjoy a coffee and chat. Please make sure you have enough food and water to last you the entire ride (please have two water bottles with you, particularly when the weather is nice). When necessary, stops for water and/or toilet breaks will be made at a convenient location.

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