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Coaching Qualification Financial Support Policy

Where the club committee agree there is the need for the proposed coaching qualification within the club, Clapham Chasers will financially cover the cost of the course provided that the person requesting and attending the course;

a) has been a member of Clapham Chasers for a minimum of 1 year

b) has previously helped out with club sessions in any capacity at least 5 times

c) agrees to help lead or coach at a minimum of 10 more sessions related to that course

For course fees that are under £200, Clapham Chasers will pay the full fee in advance, in good faith that the member will help with the additional sessions.

For course fees that are £200 or more, Clapham Chasers will pay half of the fee in advance and the second half when the 10 additional sessions have been delivered.

The committee may consider supporting applications that do not exactly meet the above criteria.

The main club committee will still need to approve all applications before they confirm the financial support.

All other costs of attending the course are not covered by the club unless specifically agreed.

Please contact any member of the committee or the email below if you are considering a qualification related to the coaching requirements of the club and would like to be considered for financial support.


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