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  • 10 May 2016 7:55 PM | Deleted user

    - Summer arrives in London, but not so much in 'sunny' Mallorca
    - Second London League event of the year at Dragonslayer
    - AG tri worlds qualifying (awaiting comfirmation or roll down) 
    - Triathlon season has well and truely begun
    - Some AG winners and many top 10 AG finishes
    - Chasers competing around the world
    - Awesome racing everyone

    As always if you've got an event (or result) that I haven't listed please let me know and I'll add the results in.

    Multisport Mox

    7th May

    Lisboa Triathlon
    Half-Ironman distance
    (1900m swim/90k cycle/21.1k run)
    Competitors: 481 Male, 33 Female - 514 Total

    Paul Clark - 12th M25-29 (30), 92nd Male, 95th Overall
    - 05:04:31 (?/?/?/?/01:43:47) Missing splits


    Ironman 70.3 Mallorca
    (1900m ocean swim/90k cycle/21.2k run)
    Competitors: 2891 Male, 625 Female - 3516 Total

    Alan Scott - 12th M35-39 (401), 71st Male, 80th Overall
    - 4:47:05 (0:29:03/0:04:16/2:44:58/0:02:47/1:26:01)
    Clement Sicart - 65th M30-34 (330), 334th Male, 356th Overall
    - 5:14:03 (0:36:55/0:06:55/2:56:01/0:04:53/1:29:19)
    Stuart Richards - 131st M30-34 (330), 709th Male, 759th Overall
    - 5:34:46 (0:41:17/0:06:31/2:54:57/0:06:42/1:45:19)
    Nikki Hebenstreit - 10th F25-29 (46), 78th Female, 998th Overall
    - 5:44:54 (0:33:02/0:06:07/3:21:04/0:04:50/1:39:51)
    Kristin Hoogenboom - 62nd F30-34 (77), 329th Female, 2411th Overall
    - 07:07:12 (00:29:53/00:06:12/03:12:37/00:07:31/03:10:59)
    Morgan Pike - DNF - Run injury
    - --:-- (0:29:59/0:05:38/3:14:58/0:05:40/--:--)


    8th May

    Challenge Rimini
    (1900m swim/90k cycle/21.1k run)
    Competitors: 733 Male, 64 Female - 797 Total

    Alexey Ermolenko - 10th S2, 88th Male
    - 5:04:29 (0:36:50/2:52:35/1:31:15)
    Alex Ferrario - 59th S3, 460th Male
    - 5:57:45 (0:51:50/3:17:35/1:39:15)
    Barbora Susienkova - 1st S1, 34th Female
    - 6:13:09 (0:41:57/3:24:02/2:00:33)


    Ironman 70.3 Vietnam
    (1900m swim/90k cycle/21.1k run)
    Competitors: 868 Male, 169 Female - 1037 Total

    Nicholas Martin - DNF - Stomach issues
    - --:-- (36:37/0:05:27/2:38:59/0:03:41/--:--)


    Monster Mojo
    Middle (1900m swim/82km bike/20km run)
    Competitors: 95 Male, 16 Female - 111 Total

    Ryan Bayly - 2nd M40-44 (19), 14th Male, 14th Overall
    - 4:25:09 (0:32:04/0:01:22/2:19:32/0:00:54/1:31:18)


    Monster Mojito
    Standard (1500m swim/38km bike/10km run)
    Competitors: 99 Male, 35 Female - 134 Total

    John Hutchinson - 10th M35-44 (38), 22nd Male, 24th Overall
    - 2:23:42 (0:28:17/0:02:14/1:07:23/0:01:25/0:44:26)
    Natale Bayly - 3rd F45-54 (7), 26th Female, 109th Overall
    - 2:58:11 (0:30:53/0:02:09/1:19:22/0:02:00/1:03:49)


    St.Neots Triathlon (Age-Group Qualifier)
    Standard (1500m lake swim/38k cycle/10k run)
    Competitors: 404 Male, 141 Female - 545 Total

    Max Wolke - 9th M25-29 (59), 24th Male, 25th Overall
    - 2:00:09 (0:22:30/0:01:24/0:57:36/0:00:47/0:37:49)
    Brochan Watts - 8th M30-34 (55), 34th Male, 36th Overall
    - 2:02:17 (0:22:25/0:01:00/0:57:58/0:00:39/0:40:14)
    Samuel Leonard - 31st M25-29 (59), 131st Male, 142nd Overall
    - 2:13:50 (0:24:35/0:00:49/1:03:13/0:00:50/0:44:20)
    Paul Jagger - 20th M45-49 (53), 158th Male, 182nd Overall
    - 2:17:51 (0:28:02/0:01:40/1:02:47/0:00:55/0:44:25)
    Richard Brimelow - 35th M50-54 (61), 201st Male, 236th Overall
    - 2:22:53 (0:29:02/0:01:30/1:05:55/0:00:57/0:45:27)
    Jenna Mullett - 7th F30-34 (19), 39th Female, 244th Overall
    - 2:23:43 (0:23:51/0:01:39/1:11:28/0:00:58/0:45:46)
    Emma Payne - 12th F25-29 (25), 40th Female, 245th Overall
    - 2:23:44 (0:27:28/0:01:55/1:09:18/0:00:58/0:44:02)
    Joaana Muddle - 14th F25-29 (25), 52nd Female, 293rd Overall
    - 2:29:10 (0:26:33/0:02:07/1:08:44/0:00:47/0:50:57)
    Joanne Clarke - 8th F20-24 (10), 60th Female, 327th Overall
    - 2:32:19 (0:27:31/0:01:46/1:11:41/0:01:05/0:50:14)
    Scott Cammack - 33rd M35-39 (48), 273rd Male, 337th Overall
    - 2:32:46 (0:26:18/0:01:46/1:11:08/0:00:55/0:52:37)
    Claire Mogford - 16th F30-34 (19), 121st Female, 491st Overall
    - 3:07:21 (0:43:00/0:02:10/1:24:06/0:01:08/0:56:55)
    Sophie Oliver - 17th F30-34 (19), 123rd Female, 493rd Overall
    - 3:08:53 (0:31:11/0:02:46/1:28:25/0:01:19/1:05:10)
    Zoe Aarons - 25th F35-39 (25), 133rd Female, 514th Overall
    - 3:24:29 (0:40:05/0:04:01/1:23:14/0:01:35/1:15:32)


    Cotswold Super Sprint Triathlon
    Sprint (400m swim/20km cycle/5km run)
    Competitors: 264 Male, 101 Female - 365 Total

    Alys Mathew - 1st F35-39 (18), 2nd Female, 26th Overall
    - 00:56:42 (00:07:13/00:00:47/00:30:06/00:00:40/00:17:54)


    Dragonslayer Duathlon (London League)
    Sprint (3M run/15M cycle/2M run)
    Competitors: 99 Male, 29 Female - 123 Total

    This wasn't a targeted event for the chasers yet some of us still got out in the heat and put in some great efforts. Crystal Palace looked to have targeted this event and they did well, almost taking a clean sweep of the results.
    Welcome to the first timers, great to have you aboard and racing as Chasers!
    League wise the results for this fixture were:
    Mens - 1. Serpentine, 2. Crystal Palace, 3. London Fields
    Womens - 1. Crystal Palace (only ladies team)
    Mixed - 1. Crystal Palace (only mixed team)
    Mob - 1. Crystal Palace and Serpentine, 3. Clapham Chasers

    Christian Moxon - 3rd M35-39 (12), 13th Male, 13th Overall
    - 1:10:51 (0:19:35/0:37:45/0:13:31)
    Thomas Mitchell - 1st M20-24 (2), 34th Male, 36th Overall
    - 1:16:03 (0:18:56/0:44:18/0:12:48)
    James Richardson - 8th M25-29 (18), 37th Male, 39th Overall
    - 1:16:41 (0:19:23/0:43:26/0:13:51)
    Cormac Toomey - 8th M30-34 (17), 45th Male, 49th Overall
    - 1:21:33 (0:21:36/0:45:35/0:14:21)
    Ruth Gloster - 2nd F30-34 (7), 5th Female, 53rd Overall
    - 1:21:53 (0:21:06/0:46:39/0:14:07)
    Carlo Cetin - 9th M35-39 (12), 63rd Male, 74th Overall
    - 1:26:10 (0:22:34/0:47:54/0:15:42)

  • 03 May 2016 7:57 PM | Deleted user

    - A Thames Turbo that went ahead
    - Great performances, firstly to get there so early on a bank holiday Monday, and on the course itself! 
    - Changed the order of result reporting, hopefully it's a little easier to read

    As always if you have any event or result that isn't running and isn't listing please let me know and I'll add it into the results.

    Let me know about events that aren't listed in the Chaser events page as well to give me a head start on things.

    Multisport Mox


    2nd May

    Thames Turbo - Race 2
    Sprint (426m pool swim/21.5k cycle/5k run)

    Brochan Watts - 1st M30-39 (62), 4th Overall (308)
    - 1:00:22 - (0:06:25/0:00:50/0:33:31/0:00:50/0:18:45)
    Alan Scott - 4th M30-39 (62), 13th Overall (308)
    - 1:02:37 (0:06:49/0:01:34/0:34:37/0:00:51/0:18:45) 
    Tim George - 6th M30-39 (62), 15th Overall (308)
    - 1:03:13 (0:07:03/0:00:53/0:33:50/0:00:55/0:20:31)
    Adrian Joseph - 17th M30-39 (62), 43rd Overall (308)
    - 1:09:36 (0:08:05/0:01:40/0:38:17/0:01:19/0:20:14)
    Andy OC - 13th M20-29 (35), 89th Overall (308)
    - 1:13:30 (0:07:56/0:01:37/0:40:48/0:01:30/0:21:37)
    Natalie Ruffell - 4th F20-29 (27), 113th Overall (308)
    - 1:15:18 (0:08:20/0:01:25/0:43:10/0:01:07/0:21:15)
    Sophie Hiltermann - 6th F20-29 (27), 123rd Overall (308)
    - 1:16:50 (0:08:02/0:01:43/0:41:58/0:01:00/0:24:05) 
    Sarah Bussmann - 13th F30-39 (30), 187th Overall (308)
    - 1:25:08 (0:10:57/0:02:37/0:44:25/0:01:37/0:25:30)
    Alexander Knowles - 35th M20-29 (35), 235th Overall (308)
    - 1:29:49 (0:11:28/0:03:29/0:45:56/0:02:01/0:26:53)

  • 03 May 2016 7:52 PM | Deleted user

    Some highlights this week:

    -Surrey Road League continues
    -Wednesday evening sees huge Chaser numbers wombling free
    -Locals exposed to pure filth in rural Lincolnshire
    -Davies earns the crown of Princess Regent
    -1st finisher/1st lady parkrun finishes at Whitley Bay, Alice Holt, Tooting and some place in Cornwall which I can't be bothered to spell again (see results below!)

    SUTTON 10K

    The Surrey Road League continued with the Sutton 10k. Top Chaser was James who finished in a sprightly 37:18. Incidentally, one dictionary definition of sprightly is '(especially of an old person) lively, full of energy', so it appears particularly apt in James' case.

    Mike continued his Leong road to recovery with a speedy 39:01. Still short of his best but he is making good inroads which is great to see

    Top Chaser lady was Alice, breaking into the top 100 with 42:23, and it is good to see Claire Robb back after being missing in action for a while. This Geordie will shorely be back to peak form very soon.

    From what I can see, the web site does not appear to have updated the road league standings. But someone please correct me if I am wrong.

    21 James Neave 00:37:18
    44 Mike Leong 00:39:01
    48 Kevin Smith 00:39:14
    81 Adam Marcinowicz 00:41:44
    84 Christian Rose-Day 00:41:53
    95 Alice Whiley 00:42:23 (9th Lady)
    120 Cat St Clair 00:43:56
    129 Peter Martin 00:44:21
    131 Claire Robb 00:44:28
    173 Lucy Boyd 00:46:39 (PB)
    181 Charlotte Healy 00:47:01 (PB)
    237 Ellie Andrews 00:50:33
    255 Andrej Zalar 00:51:44
    289 Elizabeth Milsom 00:54:22
    339 Clare Janew 00:58:55


    Although not quite everyone managed to make the start in time, it was nevertheless great to see 32 Chasers post a result in this excellent race. And there were several others supporting & running alongside enjoying the scenery. It's certainly not a flat 5 miles, with 'The Rifle Butts' and 'The Toastrack' famous for slowing you down.

    Bryn secured a comfortable victory with a lightning 27:27, and Bannister ensured that he did not slide down the rankings with a strong finish to just pip newcomer Greg - who thankfully will now be known for his speed rather than having a surname which is almost the capital of Jordan

    Top lady with a speedy 34:49 was Rosemary & Thyme to also give a mention to second Chaser lady Claire not far behind in 35:25. Cat rounded up the top 3 ladies

    1 Bryn Reynolds 00:27:27
    7 Jamie Bannister 00:28:54
    8 Greg Amann 00:28:56
    13 James Neave 00:29:52
    19 Dan Holmes 00:30:45
    21 Adam Marcinowicz 00:31:59
    24 Peter Barnes 00:32:12
    26 Graham Sutherland 00:32:14
    28 Stephen Pearson 00:32:19
    33 Seb Moulding 00:33:18
    34 Nick Hoyle 00:33:21
    51 Martin Bell 00:34:45
    52 Rosemary Hurford 00:34:49 (5th Lady)
    56 Claire Baudouin 00:35:25 (7th Lady)
    58 Cat St Clair 00:35:30 (8th Lady)
    59 Natalie Ruffell 00:35:36 (9th Lady)
    61 Lucy Boyd 00:35:45 (10th Lady)
    63 Rob Harrison 00:35:54
    65 James Rogers 00:36:05
    83 Diana Kreica 00:37:34
    89 Sydnee Watlow 00:38:06
    96 Lorraine Kelsey 00:38:56
    100 Cathryn Lower 00:39:18
    101 Ross McLeod 00:39:20
    108 Jas Sandali 00:40:12
    111 Gemma Brierley 00:40:28
    120 Aisling Gilchrist 00:41:26
    126 Juliann Canty 00:42:22
    128 Martin Dempsey 00:42:37
    143 Phil Logoreci 00:44:31
    152 Jen Woolgar 00:46:34
    154 Clare Janew 00:47:10


    439 Samuel Burrell 01:34:28
    617 Eve Bugler 01:37:33
    5198 Igor Nepomnyashchiy 02:02:48
    6101 Brian Cronin 02:09:16


    2793 Phil Logoreci 02:01:12


    On Sunday eve I received a message from Paul Hunt informing me that his girlfriend Lorraine “put in a superb dirty performance today”. Steady on Paul, I thought, I don't know you that well yet and it's a bit early to giving me such details. But then I realised he was talking about an epic 20 mile muddy obstacle course race. Phew!

    To finish 3rd lady in a large field really is a fantastic effort from Lorraine. This event sounds absolutely brutal, and to finish sub 4 hours seems to me to be really motoring. Maybe we could get a Chasers team together for a similar event in the future?

    34 Lorraine Smyth 03:42:29 (3rd Lady)


    This is Stephinitely one of the top performances of the week. Steph didn't just finish 1st Lady – she won the damn thing! Easily! I'm not sure if this is a PB but, either way, it is rapid!

    1 Steph Davies 00:37:02


    Adam informs me that he could easily have pushed for a podium position but he wanted to save the results announcer the embarrassment of attempting to pronounce his surname.

    7 Adam Marcinowicz 00:40:38


    16 Thomas Flannery 00:19:36
    103 Michael Attenborough 00:22:48
    120 Claire Flannery 00:23:12 (10th Lady)
    222 Naomi Dunne 00:25:57
    269 Martin Dempsey 00:27:12


    60 Ben Davies 00:22:22
    118 Tamara Davies 00:24:30 (10th Lady)


    23 Rache Porter 00:21:08 (3rd Lady)


    260 Steven Murnane 00:33:03


    13 Lucie Custance 00:19:40 (1st Lady)


    3 Riel Carol 00:17;49


    72 John Hooper 00:24:38


    47 Leanne Meredith 00:21:19 (2nd Lady)


    3 Kevin Smith 00:18:48


    1 Martin Rutter 00:17:55


    41 Matthieu Prevot 00:20:03
    60 Cat St Clair 00:20:41 (4th Lady)
    94 Fabio Maroni 00:22:00
    100 Lorraine Kelsey 00:22:14 (10th Lady) (PB)
    130 Philip Diamond 00:23:18
    178 Gideon Shawyer 00:25:18


    1 Luke Davis 00:18:04
    68 Sophie Jones 00:27:15


    115 Elin Davies 00:28:59


    23 Natalie Ruffell 00:20:41 (3rd Lady)


    I understand that some of Danny's Team 10k programme ran this, which is great to see. An excellent programme, and if you know anyone who wants to get into running, contact Danny as I'm sure he will be running another one in the near future

    Congrats to 'Smiley' for completing a Chaser first finisher/first lady double!

    1 Nathan Smeaton 00:17:15
    24 Alice Whiley 00:20:07 (1st Lady)
    25 Adrian Joseph 00:20:08
    31 Peter Martin 00:20:19
    38 Michael Black 00:20:33
    72 Danny Chalkley 00:22:10
    84 Hannah Keenan 00:22:34 (7th Lady)
    96 Samantha Barlett 00:22:51 (10th Lady)
    145 Ellie Andrews 00:24:37
    225 Sam Burne James 00:27:00
    312 Katie Rance 00:29:30
    358 Vivienne Yong 00:31:36

  • 02 May 2016 7:59 PM | Deleted user

    Hello all

    London is now a distant memory but that does not mean that marathon season is over. No, this week we saw 5 intrepid Chasers tackle the mean MK streets. Surrey Road League is now underway, with Chasers starting off in cracking fashion. And we saw some coastal success in deepest darkest Wales

    Some highlights this week

    -Chasers teaming with delight in Richmond
    -5 athletes keyne to register a marathon time in Buckinghamshire
    -3 Chasers not sheepish about celebrating their podium finishes in Wales
    -A refreshing 1st place parkrun finish at Burgess
    -Dorset dominance
    -A Turbo Thames performance
    -Eve demonstrates great Fortitude
    -Ann other great Chaser 10 mile performance


    An excellent effort from Andrew in this gruelling event. To finish under 24 hours is impressive. The cheers at the finish line must have been Muzika to his ears!

    106 Andrew Muzika 23:13:07


    Many of us know that a marathon is a gruelling event, and as you are suffering from mile 18 onwards it is always a good idea to distract yourself by taking in the picturesque countryside and atmosphere. So these 5 athletes may be kicking themselves for choosing Milton Keynes!

    Congratulations to David who was first Chaser across the line an impressive 122nd position. I am aware that neither Kim or Barry were overly pleased with their times, but both had been ill leading up to the race so for both to finish under 4 hours with new PB's is commendable. Congrats also to Harriet and Joanne

    122 David Willis 03:22:17
    513 Kim Tyler 03:50:27 (PB)
    703 Barry Valentine 03:56:41 (PB)
    700 Harriet Batten 04:01:01
    791 Joanne Keatley 04:06:22


    1272 Paul Gaisford 02:13:57


    Everyone who runs a marathon is tempted to stop at some point, but where there's a Will there's a way, as provide by Mr Harrison's excellent 8th place finish

    8 Will Harrison 02:57:21


    What a fine way to kick off the Surrey Road League season. Bryn and Neil finished in excellent podium positions and led the Chasers men to a team prize. 3rd Chaser home was Mr Rees who didn't lose his Ed when he realised he was on for a PB, and finished the job in style. Some superb performances throughout the field and congrats to Katie who secured a top 10 lady finish. Second lady home was Stacey who certainly separated the Wheat from a lot of non-Chaser chaff.

    2 Bryn Reynolds 01:13:12
    3 Neil Aitken 01:13:58
    5 Ed Rees 01:14:57 (PB)
    44 Paul Sterland 01:22:44 (PB)
    56 Adam Marcinowicz 01:24:28
    71 Simon Le Good 01:25:47
    84 Dan Holmes 01:27:20
    112 Adam Cairns 01:29:57
    127 Adam Hayes 01:31:00
    137 Christian Moxon 01:31:57
    138 Katie Kedward 01:31:57 (10th Lady)
    139 Stacey Wheat 01:32:00
    214 Paul Hayes 01:38:34
    287 James Flitton 01:42:57


    It was great to see Andrew Rietch out for extra energy reserves in order to finish in a superb 5th place.

    Judging by her Facebook photos, St Clair looks like the Cat who got the cream! Unfortunately for her (and James!) this was the one year where the prize wasn't double whipped, and instead she had to make do with a medal. Cat has been running these coastal races for a while now, and I'm delighted to see her secure her first ever first place finish. Who is responsible for her sudden improvement I hear you ask. Well, the answer to that question is that it is me – I am responsible! So distraught was Cat at me beating her marathon PB (as promised) that she was motivated to put in that little bit of extra effort and training. You're welcome Cat.

    But it is not just about St Clair. Beata put in a hardworking Stindt to finish as second Lady – great effort!

    5 Andrew Rietchel 04:05:28
    7 Cat St Clair 04:14:56 (1st Lady)
    11 James Neave 04:26:54
    16 Beata Stindt 04:25:49 (2nd Lady)


    Congrats to Mat who was first Chaser home, and also to Amy for finishing 2nd lady!

    11 Mat Hickman 01:58:55
    15 Nick Hoyle 02:01:09
    25 Amy McGuire 02:07:13 (2nd Lady)
    71 Louise Malone 02:30:02
    84 Sydnee Watlow 02:34:22
    110 Tim Funnell 02:40:08


    All of the buglers across the land were sounding for Eve's excellent 2nd lady finish!

    14 Eve Bugler 01:40:19 (2nd Lady)


    Like a true race Hunter, Ann looked round for an event where she may get a podium finish. And she chose very wisely - she didn't just place, she was 1st lady! Great work.

    13 Ann Hunter 01:23:51 (1st Lady)


    A Barnestorming run from Peter in a new PB!

    14 Peter Barnes 00:39:07 (PB)


    Cheeky 6:46 miling secured a 4th lady finish for, erm, the Son of Fergus!

    43 Katie Ferguson 00:33:54 (4th Lady)


    9 Thomas Greenwood 00:18:14 (PB)
    16 Thomas Flannery 00:19:46
    88 Claire Flannery 00:23:02 (7th Lady)


    A speedy 1812 from Tim – Tchaikovsky would be proud.

    6 Tim Murphy 00:18:12


    2 Luke Davis 00:17:46
    118 Sophie Jones 00:25:04


    195 Marie Tracey Fall 00:23:50 (PB)


    131 Naomi Dunne 00:25:07
    191 Elin Davies 00:27:45


    133 Anna Jurkiewicz 00:26:13


    12 Peter Martin 00:19:59


    73 John Hooper 00:25:46


    A couple of solid PB's here, and impressive to see that Mark's was achieved in his 79th parkrun.

    10 Robin Harris 00:18:53 (PB)
    31 Mark Isham 00:20:29 (PB)


    As they set the runners on their merry way, the Burgess race director said to her colleague “I think we've got plenty of time for a quick cuppa before the first runner finishes – would you mind doing the honours Dave?”. “I would do” replied Dave, “but I can't find the bloody kettle anywhere”

    And there is a reason the Kettle couldn't be found, because he was at that very moment blitzing his way through the course! And, judging by the time he finished in, the Burgess team would not have had chance to brew up anyway.

    1 David Kettle 00:17:12 (PB)


    10 Vince Starr 00:22:22


    A Fenntastic performance from Paul who took over a minute off his previous PB. And great to see Fulham stalwart Sam dip under 20 minutes for the first time

    No PB for Lorraine – obviously she is spending too much time posing for running magazine photo shoots and not enough time training...

    5 Paul Fenn 00:17:42 (PB)
    33 Sam Burne James 00:19:43 (PB)
    123 Lorraine Kelsey 00:23:28
    181 Robert Bricout 00:25:28


    11 Alan Drummond 00:20:02


    42 Diana Kreica 00:25:59 (4th Lady)
    43 James Rogers 00:25:59


    Elliot pirouetted his way through the Tooting field to smash his previous PB by 90 seconds – a More impressive performance you would struggle to find

    Significant PB's also from Nick and Cal, and there was an incredible 3 minute PB by Caroline – Sweet!

    Well done to Alice and Katie for 2nd and 3rd Lady finishes.

    4 Elliot More 00:18:16 (PB)
    6 Ben Millar 00:18:23
    10 Nick Hall 00:18:41 (PB)
    16 Rowan Sidders 00:19:16
    23 Alice Whiley 00:19:54 (2nd Lady)
    26 Michael Black 00:20:01
    27 John Hutchinson 00:20:03
    32 Katie Ferguson 00:20:32 (3rd Lady)
    36 Graham Sutherland 00:20:46
    72 Jas Sandali 00:22:12 (5th Lady)
    110 Ellie Andrews 00:24:08 (9th Lady)
    151 Phil Logoreci 00:25:38
    171 Jen Woolgar 00:26:19
    174 Jessica de Bois 00:26:22
    176 Aoibhin O'Neill 00:26:24
    177 Caroline Hopkins 00:26:24 (PB)
    190 Cal Jones 00:26:52 (PB)

    As always, if you would like a result added please just let me know. I've tried to note a PB if I'm aware of it, or if Power of 10 tells me it is a PB.

  • 24 Apr 2016 8:05 PM | Deleted user

    Hello all

    It is the day after the London Marathon and all who ran are asking themselves the same question: how can I milk this adulation for a little bit longer? This could involve exaggerating your hobble in order to get offered a seat on the Northern Line, or maybe wearing that finishers t-shirt a bit longer than necessary in the hope that an attractive member of the opposite sex will fawn over you. Whatever works for you!

    Yesterday was a truly fantastic day. It's the one race of the year where your non-running colleagues will take a genuine interest, rather than be bored senseless by your endless chat about Strava segments, negative splits, carb loading and nipple chafing.

    I'm sure everyone else that ran will join me in thanking the huge numbers of Chasers who turned out to support, and others who posted updates on Facebook as the race unfolded. It makes a huge difference knowing that some friendly faces and enthusiastic voices are just round the next corner. Woe betide anyone who is spotted walking by the cheering squad!

    Some highlights this week:

    -Our esteemed leader leads the way at London
    -Rosy cheekily nabs the fastest Chaser lady crown
    -20 Chasers finish under 3 hours!
    -Gemma's cheering squad spreadsheet
    -Kostya fuelled by Madeira cake in an epic Ultra effort
    -No Bluebell Hell for Sherwood & Eustace
    -First place/first lady parkrun finishes for Bryn and Lorraine
    -Every single Chaser because we're bloody great!


    Chasers – by Royal Command thou shalt all Neil at the feet of the Marathon King Mr Aitken! A fantastic performance in an amazing time which I believe is a new PB. Neil – I hope I now have the correct spelling of your surname down to a t?

    Nathan was not far behind with a blistering 2:36, followed closely by Mr Vermeesch whose race certainly did not Pieter out. Fantastic times also from Luke, Mick, Nick, Martin and the sub-2:45 crew was completed by Matthew Parry – I misread the results initially and my first thought was 'Wow! Chandler from Friends is rapid!'.

    As for the ladies, Rosy absolutely smashed it with a time of of 2:55 to give her an incredible placing of 44th lady! My stats tell me that in the last 7.2k she was passed by just 17 rivals but she herself passed 223. This shows that she was flying at the finish, and is definitely one to watch for the future.

    Hot on Rosy's heels was Rachel Baker with a storming PB run of 2:58. Unfortunately this wasn't enough for Baker to win the famous 'Rub-A-Dub-Dub Race' as Martin Butcher finished a few minutes ahead in 1015th position (Clarence Candlestickmaker had to drop out at mile 8 with an achilles injury- our thoughts are with him)

    Jennifer Elvin rounded up the female sub 3 hour bunch with a blistering PB of 2:59

    Throughout the list, you will see a whole host of awe-inspiring times and brilliant PB's. These results show how far the Chasers have come in recent times. I would pick some of them out, but that would do a disservice to the others.

    161 Neil Aitken 02:35:34 (PB)
    178 Nathan Smeaton 02:36:23 
    182 Pieter Vermeesch 02:36:28
    252 Luke Davis 02:38:49 (PB)
    271 Mick Keating 02:39:17 (PB)
    482 Nick Bowker 02:43:49 (PB)
    493 Martin Rutter 02:43:59 (PB)
    494 Matthew Parry 02:44:00 (PB)
    722 Mark Tatlow 02:48:23 (PB)
    773 James Ellis 02:48:56
    858 Mikel Berdud 02:50:19
    905 Gary Salmon 02:51:01 (PB)
    922 Martin Ekstrom 02:51:17 (PB)
    1048 Tal Ramsey 02:52:44
    1195 Brian Cronin 02:54:25 (PB)
    1304 Tom Gwynn 02:55:26
    1342 Rosy Harvey 02:55:41
    1804 Michael Coles 02:58:31
    1886 Rachel Baker 02:58:52 (PB)
    1982 Jennifer Elvin 02:59:23 (PB)
    2084 Adam Marcinowicz 03:00:02 (PB)
    2152 Jessica Rosa 03:00:51 (PB)
    2245 Alex Tylor 03:01:54 (PB)
    2340 Alice Whiley 03:02:54 (PB)
    2341 Ed Rees 03:02:54
    2387 Abraham Jalloh 03:03:20
    2513 Clive Alley 03:04:19
    2733 Russell Beard 03:06:21
    2805 Tom Mitchell 03:06:56
    2986 Alexander Visram 03:08:33
    3115 Michele Venn 03:09:30
    3409 Toby Sullivan 03:11:27
    3467 Graham Sutherland 03:11:53 (PB)
    3810 Olivia Partington 03:14:05 (PB)
    3893 Ross McLeod 03:14:38
    4020 Jonathan Battye 03:15:30
    4544 John Walter 03:19:02
    4821 Victoria Randall 03:20:48 (PB)
    4849 Matthieu Prevot 03:21:01
    5583 Korkoi Quaye 03:25:33
    5742 Caitlin Smeaton 03:26:28
    5960 Katie Ferguson 03:27:32 (PB)
    6037 Ruth Gloster 03:27:51 (PB)
    6307 Vicki Hunt 03:29:04 (PB)
    6461 Charlotte Healy 03:29:38 (PB)
    6749 Shermayne Chan 03:30:58 (PB)
    6894 Andrew Mcerlean 03:31:41
    7065 Leanne Meredith 03:32:34
    7221 Kristy Harnett 03:33:21
    7307 Jemma Harris 03:33:47 (PB)
    7529 Ailish Toomey 03:35:02 (PB by 1 second – nicely paced!)
    7888 Katherine Ellis 03:36:52
    8584 Kate Devine 03:40:11
    9309 Cat St Clair 03:43:22
    9810 Daniel Powell 03:45:12 (PB)
    10121 Charlie Wilkinson 03:46:22
    10616 Paul Curtis 03:48:21
    11186 Hannah Jenvey 03:50:28
    11285 Jas Sandalli 03:50:48 (PB)
    11432 Margaery Tyrell 03:51:21
    11626 Elspeth Hoskins 03:51:58
    12073 Katherine French 03:53:34
    12075 Chris McCarthy 03:53:34
    12188 Dorcas Murray 03:53:57
    12327 Kym Brooks 03:54:27
    13992 Katherine Farthing 03:59:07
    14038 Sean McIntyre 03:59:14
    14406 Becky Sleath 04:00:21 (PB)
    14478 Rebecca Vaughan 04:00:37
    15799 Ryan Willetts 04:06:04
    16743 Sofie Flaherty 04:09:55
    18853 Martin Dempsey 04:18:08
    19211 Lindi Melly 04:19:27 (PB)
    20408 Andy Loughran 04:23:49
    24790 Helen Breen 04:41:24
    24966 Phil Logoreci 04:42:11 (PB)
    25204 Sarah Fardon 04:43:11
    25731 Lesley Kenny 04:45:14
    27662 Grant Sidwell 04:53:39
    27996 Karly Jose 04:55:09


    Not to be outdone by brother Ross, the other McLeod decided to also throw in a cheeky marathon. Great effort!

    1444 Gregg McLeod 04:29:53


    If you ever get bored of marathons then why not run a hilly trail Ultra? Kostya decided to do just that and put in an excellent performance to finish in 59th place. 15 hours of running! Not for me but fair play to you!

    59 Kostya Penkov 15:10:32


    Sherwood proved to be king of the Bluebell Forest with a storming race victory

    1 Rob Sherwood 00:57:36


    Not to be outdone, Karina nabbed a 4th lady finish in the 10k - great effort

    32 Karina Eustace 00:47:45 (4th Lady)


    49 Peter Martin 00:19:48
    462 Louise Bell 00:25:51


    13 Thomas Flannery 00:19:54
    73 Michael Attenborough 00:22:55
    96 Gemma Brierley 00:23:51 (8th Lady)
    101 Claire Flannery 00:23:55 (9th Lady)
    145 Philip Diamond 00:25:16
    150 Gideon Shawyer 00:25:23
    197 Naomi Dunne 00:27:10


    211 Steven Pearson 00:28:10


    94 Barry Valentine 00:25:18


    45 Mark Isham 00:21:14


    Looks like Bryn was taking it fairly easy but still managed to secure a 1st place finish

    1 Bryn Reynolds 00:18:35


    29 Katie Kedward 00:20:15 (2nd Lady)
    49 Kim Tyler 00:21:39 (5th Lady)


    136 Niclas Lundquist 00:26:39


    15 Vince Starr 00:22:15


    141 Marie Tracey Fall 00:25:02
    231 Elin Davies 00:28:04


    6 James Neave 00:17:17
    48 Sam Burne James 00:20:24
    57 Cat St Clair 00:20:42 (5th Lady)


    59 Sophie Jones 00:24:00 (6th Lady)
    60 Luke Davis 00:24:01


    13 Alan Drummond 00:20:20


    Following a mixed weather forecast, I know the organisers were glad that le rain stayed away, but Chasers are glad that Lorraine did not stay away! A fantastic 1st lady finish

    9 Paul Hunt 00:18:49
    31 Lorraine Smyth 00:20:16 (1st Lady)
    37 Adam Woolgar 00:20:25 (PB)
    91 Emily Gibbs 00:22:34 (7th Lady)
    116 Ellie Andrews 00:23:24
    124 Russell Pearson 00:23:34
    138 Barbara Susienkova 00:23:57
    148 Laura Guga-Voyce 00:24:28
    218 Jessica De Bois 00:26:37
    226 Jen Woolgar 00:26:51
    261 Cal Jones 00:27:48
    269 Clare Janew 00:27:56
    411 Jas Sandali 00:51:59 (tail runner)

    As always, if you would like a result added please just let me know. I've tried to note a PB if I'm aware of it, or if Power of 10 tells me it is a PB.

  • 17 Apr 2016 7:16 PM | Deleted user


    Well, after the torrential rain and wind that marked the failed Thames Turbo, it was a bit nice to have some sunshine, wasn't it? Sixteen Chasers turned out on a beautiful, if slightly chilly, morning to kick start the effort to reclaim last year's LL trophies (and maybe go one further in the Men's category). After a bit of confusion over whether or not we could invert a one-sided flag so it flew better in the wind (hint - we couldn't), it was time to shakes the cobwebs out of the shiny clean new race trainers and get down to business.

    Highlights included:
    - Emily 'Mini-Jags' Jagger's ferociously fast 400m swim (7:41) putting a number of Chasers (and otherwise) to shame
    - Confusion between George Bright, George Banks and Rachael Dodd as they tried to figure out if one of the club's single-sided flags can be turned around because it's not sitting pretty in the wind (it can't)
    Katie Hayes leading out the entire adult race with a strong swim: pretty good for someone with strange 3-digit Lobster hands. Do extra digits help or hinder swimming? I'm confused. 
    - Club legend and dependable vet Paul Jagger-Ironman clearly having a senile moment and forgetting you're meant to be at poolside at least a few seconds in advance of your start time
    Alys Mathew storming to another first-place finish for the females, proving that it's possibly to be entirely competant at racing but being entirely incompetant at organising any other aspect of your race day/life
    - League Captain and graduate of last year's beginner tri program George Bright sneaking in just ahead of Coach Mathew, the student truly becoming the master (I'm sorry, please don't embarress me too much if I ever actually turn up to a TT, Alys!)
    - Also I nearly took out one of the poor water station people, sorry dude (but keep up next time)
    - New kid (well not really, he's got facial hair and everything) on the blockRiccardo Composto turning in a storming performance to finish as fastest Chaser of the day, and irritatingly preventing me from claiming the fastest run of the day, clocking an impressive 35:05. Dammit!
    Tom Blanshard turning out the fastest Chasers swim of the day in a choppy 5:34
    Stuart Luffman turning his wrath and ire on a poor innocent lane rope, causing what has been described by various sources as "mass confusion" and "a complete fucking mess"
    Jenna Mullett turning up drunk (maybe) and falling over in the mud
    - Lots of pretty awesome cake prompting lots of pretty awesome sprint finishes
    - The ladies showing up the men again in the team competitions
    Richard BullEmma PayneSam MortonBarbora Susienkova and others I know I've forgotten (feel free to tag yourselves in the comments, you deserve it) turning up to provide the necessary Chasers wall of sound from the sidelines

    Riccardo Composto - 00:41:06 - 8th - Fastest T1/run in 35:05
    Tom Blanshard - 00:41:50 - 12th - Fastest swim in 5:34
    Clement Sicart - 00:43:05 - 15th
    James Richardson - 00:44:08 - 20th
    George Bright - 00:44:17 - 22nd
    Alys Mathew - 00:45:26 - 30th (1st Female)
    Dale Perini - 00:45:37 - 33rd
    Doug Mctavish - 00:47:00 - 45th
    Paul Jagger - 00:47:13 - 51st
    Jenna Mullett - 00:47:24 - 53rd (4th Female)
    Stuart Richards - 00:47:37 - 57th
    Anna Symms - 00:48:39 - 66th (9th Female)
    George Banks - 00:48:45 - 67th
    Katie Hayes - 00:49:56 - 77 (13th Female)
    Stuart Luffman - 00:50:25 - 83rd
    Rachael Dodd - 00:56:47 - 131rd (32nd Female)

    League results:
    Male - 3rd, behind Ful-On in 1st, with Serpentine (boo hiss) in 2nd
    Female - 1st (YES), ahead of Ealing in 2nd and Serpentine (boo hiss) in 3rd
    Mixed - Oh god, you really want me to work this out? Fine. I THINK we're 1st, with Serpentine (boo hiss) 2nd and South London Harriers 3rd. That said, the competition says your top 3 males and 3 count, but you get points if you have at least 3 males and 2 females finishing. This is a problem as Ful-On and Crystal Palace both have only 2 female finishers, and I don't know how to score the empty 3rd place so I have no idea how to work out their final standings. Naomi Gayler?
    Mob match - 2nd, behind Serpentine (boo hiss) in 1st with London Fields in 3rd

    GET INVOLVED! I'm not losing to the bloody Serpies.http://www.triathlonengland.org/…/london_adu…/london_league…

  • 11 Apr 2016 7:23 PM | Deleted user

    CHASERS RUNNING RESULTS: 04 April 2016 to 10 April 2016

    What does Clapham Chasers Running & Triathlon Club and 2016 Grand National have in common? That's right – RULE THE WORLD!

    It's a pleasure to do these results any week, but this week is a particularly good one. Some excellent runs, not just in the marathons but also in an array of other distances. Some really hard work is starting to reap rewards, and long may it continue. I'm also fully aware that several Chasers are suffering through injuries at the moment but hopefully you can take inspiration from some of the efforts below and come back stronger.

    As for those marathon runners on a high, enjoy your beers/wine/burgers/bangers & mash/cupcakes, put your feet up, and enjoy watching the rest of us struggling over the coming weeks!

    Highlights this week:

    -Maudster does it again
    -Manchester united in praise for strong Chasers efforts
    -Double Dutch Delight
    -Austria encounters the Viennese Whirlwind
    -Other runners forced to obey Murphy's Law in Exmoor
    -A hair-raising performance from Mullett
    -First place/first lady parkrun performances from Prevot, Rutter and McGuire


    I was in the pub with my mate Chris yesterday, sipping my Cinzano & lemonade, and we were discussing several important high-brow issues such as women, favourite tube line, and worst international footballer haircuts of all time. The conversation then naturally progressed to the works of Jane Austen. The conversation went something like this:

    Chris: “Which is your favourite Jane Austen novel?”
    Me: “I'm obviously a fan of 'Sense & Sensibility' but I think my absolute favourite has to be 'Mansfield Park'”
    Chris: “And what are your thoughts on her famous 1815 work 'Emma'?
    Me: “Rather shamefully, I have never read it. Would you be so kind as to provide me with a plot summary?”
    Chris: “My pleasure. It is a heartwarming tale about a recently engaged young lady who battled through training adversity and a last minute bug to complete a marathon in a new PB”
    Me: “I can not believe it! A girl called Emma in my running club did exactly the same thing this morning”

    What an incredible coincidence! And well done Emma! A marathon needs everything to fall just right and to become ill just a few days before the race is not ideal, so fair play. You've obviously now served your running aPrentiship, and this should give you the confidence to kick on to the next level in your next race!

    Congrats also to Kostya for completing another marathon. It appears as though he went through half way in 01:33 and so possibly struggled in the second half. Warning to upcoming marathon runners – do not go off too quickly otherwise it may Kostya! Anyway, it's a cracking achievement to run 2 marathons so close together, and Mr Penkov has a much quicker time from a couple of months ago to fall back on.

    1860 Kostya Penkov 03:24:37
    4530 Emma Prentis 03:49:11 (PB)


    Prost to Ferrario! No, this is not a Formula One headline from the early 1990's – it's me offering a toast to Alex's new PB! That is a exceptionally quick time and, although I am aware Alex is slightly gutted not to get under 3 hours, a PB is a PB! Most of us (including myself) will never be able to get close to that time.

    305 Alex Ferrario 03:01:00 (PB)


    There wasn't much elbow room to be had, as thousands lined the streets of Manchester to run 26.2 miles. Despite the lack of room at the start, the competing Chasers were an oasis of calm as they went through their pre-race mental routine.

    Those watching witnessed a whole host of excellent performances at Manchester. I'm not sure if any of the Smiths were there to witness Kevin's rapid time but, either way, I'm sure they will be very proud as are we all. I've said it before but I will say it again – this improvement is a testimony to hard work and dedication. I urge everyone (including myself) to take that lesson from Kev, and apply it to your own training.

    There were other great performances. Jack dipped under the magical 3 hour barrier with a new PB, Kristian finished very close to 3 hours, followed not far behind by Christian (with a huge PB of over 40 minutes!) and Robert. We saw a huge 30ish minute PB from Gemma (who has taken well over an hour off her time in 2 years) and significant PB's also for Chris and Tom. There were numerous other good times, and I would like to give a mention to Ellie who is yet another graduate from Danny's excellent Team 10k programme who is progressing well. Could this be the beginning of a new order of Chasers?

    To finish a marathon is a mixture of relief and exhilaration, and so I'm sure that all those that ran are having very happy Mondays!

    Credit also goes to a number of Chasers who travelled up to support, such as Natalie, Claire and Ruth (probably amongst others?) who were so loud and happy that the locals referred to them as the Joy Division. I'm not sure that I approve of your banner though – men are not objects! Unless, in the interests of equality, you were also checking out the asses of the female runners, in which case it is perfectly acceptable!

    If you ran as someone listed below, please let me know. The web site also lists a result for Bryony, who I know didn't run, so please let me know if you ran as her

    224 Kevin Smith 02:56:04 (PB)
    324 Jack Hambleton 02:59:12 (PB)
    448 Kristian Brauten-Smith 03:02:03
    865 Christian Moxon 03:14:04 (PB)
    877 Robert Campbell 03:14:21
    900 Chris McCarthy 03:14:49 (PB)
    1478 Marcus Fletcher 03:25:44
    1830 Tom Compton 03:30:07 (PB)
    1861 Becky Shuttleworth 03:30:28
    2067 Gemma Brierley 03:34:14 (PB)
    2112 Vicki Bentley 03:34:49
    2498 Thomas Greenwood 03:40:17
    3610 Steph Davies 03:53:26
    4020 James Cooper 03:57:19
    4377 Cathryn Lower 04:00:17
    4378 Ellie Andrews 04:00:17
    6618 Kian Caulwell 04:33:09
    7279 Cal Jones 04:44:37

    Did you manage to find the names of 8 famous Manchester bands hidden (not very well) in the text above?! If so, feel free to comment below once you've got all 8! Note: I refused to include M People who are quite possibly the worst band of all time. Apart from possibly Daphne & Celeste...


    Cat and Tom obviously spent their whole race chatting and flirting and, incredibly, were given the same finishing position which I've rarely seen before in long distance races. This possibly suggests that they were, ahem, 'intertwined' as they crossed the finishing line. I wonder how James Neave feels about that...

    54 Cat St Clair 04:23:40
    54 Tom Wilsher 04:23:40


    ...James doesn't care a jot about the tomfoolery referred to above! He is busy basking in his glory of yet another CTS podium finish. Fantastic consistency James. Very good run also from Steve.

    2 James Neave 01:41:30
    55 Steve Land 02:08:24


    And a huge congratulations goes to Tim who secured victory by over a minute! A fantastic achievement.

    1 Tim Murphy 00:44:24

    Please note that the CTS results do not list running club and all I can do is have a quick scan of results for names I recognise. If you ran, please let me know


    Andy may be chiefly representing a north London club these days but I am reliably informed that when he nicks himself shaving he bleeds blue, white and green.

    This really is a phenomenal run from Andy. Not just the quality of the field he beat but also the time – look at that time! Unfathomable.

    1 Andy Maud 00:29:55 (PB)


    10 Ed Rees 01:20:11
    56 Wilhelm John 01:32:28
    262 Katherine Elmore-Jones 01:50:17
    267 Sophie Hiltermann 01:50:26
    371 Paul Gaisford 01:56:53
    461 Paul Wyatt 02:04:12


    101 Gregg McLeod 01:44:35


    50 hours is a very long way and 11ish hours is a very long time to be on your feet (so both of you really should have run it quicker Chris and Simon!). I have full respect for anyone who runs an Ultra of any distance but this is just ridiculous! Kudos!

    229 Chris Avison 10:47:27
    287 Simon Lewis 11:18:59


    Although I don't think this is a PB, it is a first placed female finish! Well done Jenna!

    10 Jenna Mullett 01:40:07 (1st Lady)


    633 Naomi Dunne 00:29:12


    70 Michelle Debono 00:23:12 (7th Lady)
    86 Laura Guga-Voyce 00:23:56


    26 Thomas Flannery 00:20:58
    92 Claire Adams 00:24:36
    110 Ben Davies 00:25:25


    15 Alan Cox 00:19:32
    44 Bryan Wiltshire 00:21:22


    14 Paul Lacey 00:21:09


    Wormwood scrubs attracts a fairly small field and I am sure that many of the 42 runners had designs on a 1st place finish. However, they lacked conviction and were prisoners to the pace of Prevot, who sentenced them to another week of mulling over their pacing strategy

    1 Matthieu Prevot 00:19:40


    119 John Hooper 00:26:21


    All good times at Dulwich, and congrats to Rachel who set yet another PB. Also good to see Gary continuing his comeback. Although if he gets rid of the beard, he could shave a minute off.

    15 Gary Salmon 00:18:15
    17 Alex Tylor 00:18:33
    18 Rachel Baker 00:18:33 (2nd Lady) (PB)
    32 Katie Kedward 00:20:29 (3rd Lady)
    59 Katherine French 00:22:23


    14 Amy McGuire 00:21:21 (1st Lady)


    Well done on completing your 50th parkrun John. New milestone t-shirts are due in stock at the end of April so you shouldn't have to wait as long as I have!

    30 John Cronin 00:22:08


    2 Luke Davies 00:17:18
    96 Sophie Jones 00:25:42


    39 Paul Gaisford 00:22:19


    25 Adrian Joseph 00:19:38 (PB)
    87 Robert Bricout 00:23:07


    1 Martin Rutter 00:17:06
    30 Gemma Brierley 00:24:50 (2nd Lady)


    7 Stuart Richards 00:19:00
    9 Rowan Sidders 00:19:30
    37 Mark Isham 00:21:20
    48 Graham Sutherland 00:21:41
    70 Inga Bellahn 00:22:58 (8th Lady)
    79 Lydia Rooney 00:23:24
    124 Jas Sandalli 00:25:13

  • 04 Apr 2016 7:32 PM | Deleted user


    - New result recorder, many thanks to Anna Symms for doing such a great job before me! 
    - Chasers competing in various continents around the world
    - Duathlons as far as the eye can see
    - 3 Qualifiers for ITU Duathlon Worlds, congratulations to Robin, Oliver, and Steff
    - London league failure to start
    - It's all about the numbers

    Great results all and I look forward to recording more of the clubs successes as we go forward.

    I'll be looking to putting out these updates on a more regular basis as the triathlon season is almost upon us!

    Multisport Mox


    24 January

    Windsor & Eton Duathlon Series Race 1
    Sprint (5k run/20k cycle/5k run)

    Sam Morton - 1:24:55 (0:22:43/0:00:57/0:36:45/0:00:52/0:23:39) - 5th M30-34 (7), 26th Male (58), 30th Overall (90)

    Werner Kerschl - DNF (0:19:56/0:01:14/0:20:3/0:00:00/0:20:40)


    28th February

    Kentish Killer Sportive (70 Miles)

    Quintin Wright - 5:15:58 - Bronze - 152nd M40-59 (337), 232nd Male (494), 246th Overall (543)
    John Hutchinson - 5:23:47 - Bronze - 88th M Under 40 (149), 265nd Male (494), 285th Overall (543)
    Francesca Wright - 6:26:49 - 30th F40-59 (31), 46th Female (49), 506th Overall (543)


    5th March

    Dambuster Duathlon (ITU World Standard Duathlon Qualifier)
    Standard (5k run/42k cycle/5k run)

    Victoria Randall - 2:48:23 (0:43:29/0:01:55/1:39:37/0:01:09/0:22:13) - 8th F30-34 (15), 38th Female (78), 291st Overall (392)

    Abu Dhabi ITU Triathlon
    Standard (1500m swim/40k cycle/10k run)

    Del Huse - 2:30:05 (0:26:44/0:02:24/1:09:28/0:02:28/0:48:58) - 10th M40-44 (87), 86rd Male (435), 93rd Overall (535)

    Mudman Duathlon
    Standard (7.5k run/15k cycle/7.5k run)

    Rob Sherwood - 2:07:43 (0:31:22/0:00:34/1:02:12/0:00:52/) - 4th M25-29 (11), 12th Male (118), 12th Overall (127)


    6th March

    Outlon Park Duathlon (ITU World Sprint Duathlon Qualifier)
    Sprint (4.3k run/21.6k cycle/4.3k run)

    Robin Harris - 1:13:16 (00:16:38/00:00:50/00:37:52/00:01:03/00:16:52) - 10th M45-49 (26), 80th Male (204), 81st Overall (282)

    Oliver Jaegemann - 1:13:21 (00:16:31/00:00:57/00:36:34/00:01:12/00:18:05) - 8th M35-39 (22), 81st Male (204), 82nd Overall (282)

    Steff Goodall - 1:19:29 (00:16:44/00:01:02/00:42:48/00:01:03/00:17:51) - 2nd F35-39 (12), 22 Female (78), 149th Overall (282)


    13th March

    Bedford Autodrome Duathlon (ITU World Sprint Duathlon Qualifier)
    Sprint (5k run/20k cycle/2.5k run)

    Robin Harris - 1:01:25 (0:18:25/0:00:30/0:31:10/0:00:43/0:10:35) - 9th M45-49 (25), 88th Male (210), 88th Overall (282)

    Oliver Jaegemann - 1:02:10 (0:18:39/0:00:48/0:30:40/0:00:47/0:11:15) - 17th M35-39 (24), 98th Male (210), 98th Overall (282)

    Steff Goodall - 1:08:29 (0:19:31/0:00:54/0:36:32/0:00:38/0:10:51) - 3rd F35-39 (11), 21st Female (72), 178th Overall (282)


    19th March

    Clumber Park Duathlon
    Sprint (5k run/20k cycle/2.5k run)

    Robin Harris - 1:05:31 (0:19:13/0:01:06/0:34:16/0:00:55/0:10:03) 17th M45-49 (61), 83rd Male (294), 84th Overall (432)


    20th March

    Windsor & Eton Duathlon Series Race 3
    Standard (10k run/40k cycle/5k run)

    Bartholomew Nash - 2:38:38 (0:47:02/0:01:42/1:23:54/0:01:46/0:24:14) - 15th M35-39 (15), 34th Male (36), 37th Overall (43)


    2nd April

    Ironman 70.3 California
    70.3 (1900m swim/90k cycle/21.1k run)

    Andrew Paddon - 5:32:53 (0:39:10/0:07:15/2:43:51/0:07:26/1:55:11) - 35th M50-54 (268), 483rd Male (1589), 593rd Overall (2243)


    3rd April

    Windsor Duathlon
    Standard (10k run/40k cycle/5k run)

    Werner Kerschl - 2:32:54 (0:43:14/0:01:45/1:22:05/0:02:07/0:23:43) - 34th M35-39 (53), 207th Male (381), 243rd Overall (518)

    Stuart Richards - DNF (0:42:01/0:01:47) Bike issues?

    Windsor Duathlon 
    Sprint (5k run/20k cycle/5k run)

    Philip Logoreci - 2:00:15 (0:37:13/0:08:50/0:55:34/0:02:35/0:16:03) - 4th M60-64 (5), 103rd Male (113), 171st Overall (203)


    Results by Christian Moxon

  • 03 Apr 2016 7:34 PM | Deleted user

    I'd got away with a quiet week of results last week but I knew it wasn't to last. Race season is back in full swing with an array of excellent Chasers performances. I've had to carb load (Wagon Wheel, Haribo Tangfastics, pickled onion Space Raiders) to enable me to find the energy to collate these results

    Highlights this week:

    -Pleasing Paris Performances
    -Smeaton does a weekend podium double
    -Chasers fast out of the Paddock in Kent
    -Hurricane Harvey destroys Reading
    -Strong efforts from 'Mamma' at Raphael
    -1st place/1st lady parkrun finished for Martin, Kevin and Tamara
    -new parkrun PB for a handsome devil at Tooting Common
    -Chasers live their Olympic dreams


    Ah, Paris, the City of Love! Well, you would struggle to find amour creditable performance than that of Kate Pulford. A graduate from Danny's excellent Team 10k programme, Kate battled through injury and a lack of training at a crucial time to exceed expectations with an excellent 04:43 – well done!

    A superb performance from Alex, breaking the magical 3:10 mark (it's magical as that is the time I want to break in London!). I decided to include him on these results even though he shamefully ran in a Thames Hare and Hounds vest (THH also have a team in Green Belt Relay – if you want to get one over on them, enter now on the Chasers web site!)

    And, despite this being a running event, Joshua shows that he has an unbreakable Bond with his bike by running 26.2 miles after having cycled from London! Swim the Channel next year and you can call it a Tri!

    It didn't go quite according to plan for Fabio but still a very good performance in the heat, and it appears from Facebook as though he is currently cooling down with a beer (or 10)

    I've now edited this post to include an excellent performance from a Chaser newbie Mark Tatlow. He clocked a magnificent 2:55 despite the fact that, according to his very proud girlfriend Izzy, he was "holding back" as he will also be running London! Mark - keep an eye on the forum for details of Surrey League road races and, later in the year, Cross Country as your fellow Speedsters will be glad to have you on board!

    558 Mark Tatlow 02:55:48
    1668 Alex Mackula 03:09:27
    21610 Joshua Bond 04:20:10
    24505 Fabio Maroni 04:28:19
    29247 Kate Pulford 04:43:08


    I'm starting to get the impression that Nathan is a pretty good runner. He took yet another podium place, beating a host of BIG names in the process (such as Kaliachelvan Kandhasamy in 160th place)

    2 Nathan Smeaton 02:01:55
    127 Gideon Shawyer 02:41:49
    149 Kristy Hartnett 02:44:12
    156 Thomas Flannery 02:45:05
    165 Adam Woolgar 02:47:37
    168 Paul Curtis 02:47:45
    206 Charlotte Healy 02:51:28
    242 Martin Dempsey 02:56:23
    248 Claire Flannery 02:57:45


    362 Jen Woolgar 02:40:23
    415 Charles Mackinnon 02:48:36


    Good to see Mike continue his comeback with an excellent 7th place!

    7 Mike Leong 00:51:20
    270 Laura Swanton 01:11:57


    Although just outside his PB, a very good performance from Ed sees him secure 25th position. Excellent efforts also from James (PB) and Ed. And it was a belated Valentines Day for Barry, who took 5 minutes of his previous best

    MeanWhiley in the Ladies race, Alice absolutely smashed her PB (and mine!) by 3 minutes. Not to be outdone, Power of 10 also tells me there were PB's for Coops, Cat and Lucy

    It's worth noting that the first Lady home was none other than Tracy Barlow, who appears to have taken time out from terrorising Coronation Street to put in some serious training

    25 Ed Rees 01:16:53
    28 James Neave 01:17:39 (PB)
    58 Ed Kirk-Wilson 01:21:58
    95 Alice Whiley 01:25:30 (PB) (5th lady)
    103 Helen Cooper 01:26:12 (PB) (7th lady)
    282 Cat St Clair 01:34:35 (PB?)
    337 Lucy Boyd 01:37:12 (PB by 16 minutes)
    543 Barry Valentine 01:43:55 (PB)


    68 Jas Sandali 01:47:53 (10th lady)


    Some very quick times here, with Hamish continuing his excellent streak with a new PB. Strong efforts also for Jon and Gary.

    Rosy is on fire at the moment, tearing apart her previous PB. To finish 8th lady in a field as large as Reading is no mean feat

    I was also very pleased to see Robert Plant taking a break from touring with Led Zeppelin to post a solid 01:41

    87 Hamish Cropper 01:16:36 (PB)
    154 Jon Battye 01:19:47
    210 Gary Salmon 01:21:58 (PB)
    239 Rosy Harvey 01:23:08 (PB) (8th Lady)
    297 Clive Alley 01:24:57
    465 Simon Clark 01:28:19 (PB) 
    469 Ross McLeod 01:28:24
    547 Alexander Visram 01:29:24
    1743 Robert Plant 01:41:35
    2805 Katie Lysons 01:48:28
    3186 Elizabeth Nay 01:50:32
    3429 Sharon Wilson 01:52:01
    3596 Mark Salmon 01:52:54
    3741 Lizzie Bartholomew 01:53:45
    3908 Rachelle Morton 01:54:33


    331 Jzrzmy Humilier 01:44:58
    436 Paul Gaisford 01:49:56


    It certainly doesn't appear that Ania hit the wall in Berlin, putting in a great performance

    1767 Ania Jurkiewicz 01:55:52


    Excellent efforts from all 4 Chasers, especially Nathan and Luke who finished very high up the placings

    2 Nathan Smeaton 00:56:12 (PB)
    6 Luke Davis 00:57:02 (PB)
    20 Peter Barnes 01:05:43
    44 Mark Isham 01:16:39


    48 Christian Moxon 00:51:34


    62 Emily Gibbs 00:46:32


    Some excellent efforts here, especially from Mick in a storming PB of 34 minutes. Well done also to Katherine for her PB

    7 Mick Keating 00:34:11 (PB)
    46 Alex Tylor 00:38:51
    90 Katie Kedward 00:42:40 (9th Lady)
    126 Katherine Ellis 00:44:28 (PB)
    174 Kim Tyler 00:47:16


    A worthwhile visit Stateside for Andrew who took chunks off his previous PB

    170 Andrew Milne 00:37:56 (PB)


    That's PB's in consecutive weeks for Hannah, taking a further 38 seconds off. I am of the belief that she was so excited at being called Racy Lacey last week that she wanted another mention

    268 Hannah Lacey 00:23:36 (PB)


    114 Martin Dempsey 00:24:39


    68 Natalie Ruffell 00:20:37 (6th Lady)


    25 Korkoi Quaye 00:21:08 (4th Lady)
    182 Leanne Graham 00:28:35


    Very speedy time from Martin who equalled his parkrun PB. Although just outside her PB, an excellent 3rd place for Gemma.

    1 Martin Rutter 00:16:52 (equalled PB)
    19 Gemma Brierley 00:22:22 (3rd Lady)


    36 John Cronin 00:21:59


    Hard work reaps rewards. A thoroughly deserved 1st place finish for Kev in a new PB

    1 Kevin Smith 00:17:30 (PB)
    21 Adam Keenan 00:20:30
    33 Claire Robb 00:21:43


    8 Ben Davies 00:21:45
    21 Tamara Northcott 00:23:37 (1st Lady)


    36 Christian Moxon 00:20:31
    44 Ruth Gloster 00:21:05 (6th Lady)
    76 Sam Burne James 00:22:34
    140 Juliann Canty 00:25:38


    3 Paul Lacey 00:18:48
    18 Ellie Lucas 00:22:52 (2nd Lady)


    A superb run from Ben with a 2nd place finish in a rapid 16:42. Brochan set out like a torpedo but appeared to have run out of Wattage by the end, as he was found strewn across the finish line. Nevertheless, a superb parkrun debut.

    So who is that handsome individual who got the PB? That would be a random non-Chaser bloke called Jonathan Forster who I've never met but was a good looking lad. However, he did not quite manage to finish ahead of myself who also got a PB in my 110th parkrun!

    Congrats also to Samantha with a new PB

    2 Ben Hall 00:16:42
    7 Brochan Watts 00:17:43
    14 Graham Sutherland 00:18:40 (PB)
    28 Alice Whiley 00:20:08 (3rd Lady)
    57 Samantha Bartlett 00:22:03 (PB) (7th Lady)
    64 Lucy Till 00:22:16 (8th Lady)
    66 Nick Hall 00:22:20
    111 Jas Sandalli 00:23:58
    136 Gemma Nelson 00:24:47
    209 Jessica De Bois 00:27:10


    by Graham Sutherland

  • 01 Apr 2016 7:49 PM | Deleted user
    Katie Ball, who raced with Number 1 at TR20 gives a personal account

    A tad more than a year ago I wasn’t really what you would call a ‘runner’, day to day I could be described as a bit of a lazy girl, until in 2015 I started training for my first marathon… London to be precise. Not really knowing where to start, I looked for training races locally in London to spur me along and keep me on trackThe Thames Riverside 20 (TR20), is (you guessed it!) a 20 mile race along the River Thames; a fantastic race if you are training for a spring marathon, and wanting something different than constantly pounding pavement. The route is gorgeous, and I have since repeated in some of my training runs.

    I learnt I liked the structure of a race and after securing a place in Brighton Marathon I entered the TR20 again in 2016. This year, on the morning of 6th March the runners arrived in their Lycra to the start line and I hear the race had over 100 runners on a waiting list! Dedicated pacers set off at different intervals (starting from 7 minute miles pace to a 10 minute mile pace). Mile One crosses Putney Bridge – The route then traces the south towpath of the Thames; it can get a little muddy at points but on the whole is a reasonably fast and flat course.

    The marshals who applaud and cheer as you run past more than make up for the lack of spectators… I almost forgot to mention the goody bags! Hands down one of the best after any organised race, it included fruit, snacks, protein powder, vouchers and a Clapham Chasers neck gaiter/warmer plus other goodies. There were certainly some smug runners walking (… or waddling) back to the train station.

    The event has a real community vibe, which I love! With homemade cakes at the finish line from the chasers, and proceeds going to charity.

    The provisional date for the next Thames Riverside 20 is March 4th 2017.

    Thanks to Katie :) 

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