Green Belt Relay..... Time to sign up!!

Sat 17th May to Sun 18th May 2014

  • A 220-mile relay race around the outside of London.
  • We enter at least 2 teams of 11 Chasers in each team.
  • We'll hire minibuses for each team for the whole weekend.
  • Overnight stay in Essex (hotel to be confirmed).
  • 20 miles each roughly split over 2 days
  • Stages vary from 5.6miles to 13miles with 22 stages accross the 2 days.
  • It's a great way to run through the beautiful home counties countryside on towpaths, footpaths and quite country lanes and a fun weekend socially.
Great fun and amazing support.

All for £110 (including race entry, minibus hire, petrol, overnight accommodation).

Register for Green Belt Relay HERE.


Starting at Hampton Court we make our way out to Windsor Castle, then we go round London through some spectacular scenery such as Epping Forest, Windsor Castle, Box Hill etc.

The race is over 2 days, this year the weekend of the 17/18th May. Each team has 11 runners running 2 stages and approximately 20 miles over the weekend. That could be 8 miles on Saturday and 12 miles on Sunday. This year we are hoping to take a minimum of 2 teams!

We hire minibuses so you don’t need to worry about transport and we stay over in a hotel in Essex on Saturday evening so we all get to go out for some Pasta/Pizza and a few drinks.

We spend the whole weekend dropping team members off for their stage, picking runners up, cheering on en route as the racers pass by and also marshal various parts of the course. It’s an absolutely brilliant weekend where the whole team support everyone. We have a bit of a reputation for being the loudest cheerers and honking our horns but that’s just the fun of it.


Each stage is different varying from fast downhill’s, to long flat runs on the towpath to some pretty hilly 13 milers. Don’t worry the team captains will help make sure the stages are divided up fairly and you are happy with your allocated stages. You’ll be surprised how many want the ‘king of the mountains’ stage! Also each stage starts at a certain time rather than a baton handover and stage times are just added up as you go along. This is actually really good as it means everyone gets to run with another group of runners whereas if it was a continuous relay I’m sure after 50 to 100 miles you would hardly ever see anyone. It also means you get dropped off at your stage with other Chasers and you can support each other.

The weekend costs £110 and this covers your race entry, transport and accommodation.

Green Belt Relay 2008 111.jpgWe would love to have you come along, don’t worry about speed either, we generally have one fast team, the others are for everyone and the more the better. Please sign up as soon as possible to guarantee your spot.

Just ask anyone who’s been before to get an idea of the weekend and much fun it is.



Email ClaphamChasersSecretary@outlook.com if you have any questions.

Get much more info here: http://www.greenbeltrelay.org.uk/

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